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Fil-Crew Maritime & Offshore Services, Inc., with POEA License No.: POEA-003-SB-022714-PL-MLC, is a highly integrated Philippine maritime services company and a market leader in providing highly qualified and experienced Filipino offshore and ship-based maritime and engineering personnel.

We specialize in recruiting high calibre, STCW certificated Filipino Officers and Crew who are in ever-increasing demand in both merchant ships and offshore vessels, following the growing sophistication, size, power and tonnage of these vessels, coupled with the ongoing safety regulations governed by the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

We have an exceptional level of experience and expertise in providing a top quality, source and supply service of seagoing Filipinos to the industry.

In addition to recruitment, our growing knowledge and experience has enabled us to extend our support to the training, travel and operational needs of our clients.

Our ability to source, train and retain quality Filipino crew allows us to provide dedicated ship and oil rig personnel for our principal's vessels and oil platforms. A very high retention rate for officers, ratings, roustabouts and rig operators gives our clients the peace of mind that their ships and oil platforms are being manned with experienced crew highly knowledgeable of their vessels, equipment and operating procedures.


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